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This year's Theme is DUALITY

Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Masculine and Feminine, Life and Death.

The world is filled with complementary forces which each contain their individual energies.

From the rising sun to the onset of dusk, we move and we change.

From the ultimate density of a black hole, to the unimaginable power of an expelling supernova, a balance exists in the universe….. and within ourselves.

Let us take this year to seize the day, embrace the night, and celebrate the divine equilibrium.



Freeform Arts Festival was founded in order to tie together the vast East-Coast creative arts community and increase diversity in our local artistic landscape.

Freeform Arts is intended to serve as a connection point and a meeting place for the numerous cells and pockets of east coast creative arts communities to unite and interact with each other. Our goal is to create a more tightly knit, well connected culture across our region.

**This Event Is Clothing Optional**

We are pleased to announce that Freeform has a new home! Lets make a great impression this year in 2014 at The Schuylkill County Fairgrounds. Freeform will be held from June 12th to 16th.

Tickets are on sale and may be purchased by clicking here.

We invite you to participate in Freeform 2014! There are several ways to get involved!

Apply here for more information.

Please direct any comments or questions to the emails on our Contact page or Facebook.